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High-Tech Systems 2017

Events | 3/3/2017

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  • Digital Signage in Industry - ADVANTECH – TELELOGOS Whitepaper

    WhitePaper 3/3/2017
    Digital Signage is a powerful lever for communication which uses information technology, the Internet of Things and smart devices (screens, networks, content servers). It can assemble and broadcast continuously all types of information (image, video, text feeds, etc.) on networked screens which can...
  • Open APIs and Standardized Protocols at Various IoT System Levels

    WhitePaper 2/21/2017
    WISE-PaaS Introduction Whitepaper. The success of IoT is stepping away from vertically-oriented, closed systems towards open systems, based on open APIs and standardized protocols at various system levels. By Louis Lu, Embedded-IoT Architect
  • Interactive Whiteboard Boosts Business Communication and Collaboration

    Case Studies 1/17/2017
    Businessmen attend a lot of meetings in order to discuss project ideas, brainstorm, and make face to contact with their colleagues and customers. At meetings, people traditionally record and share meeting minutes through notes scribbled in notebooks or take photos on their mobiles from a white board...
  • Digital Signage Maximizes Passenger Convenience in Airports

    Case Studies 1/10/2017
    Increasing air travel means more and more people are flying and flight volumes are up. Because, airports now put a high priority on delivering timely and accurate flight information that allows trouble-free boarding and transfers, Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) are now a common sight at a...
  • Accelerating Wireless Sensor Network Development with the Open Standard Sensor Node M2.COM

    WhitePaper 1/9/2017
    The IoT era is fundamentally altering the operations and evolution of traditional industries as well as emerging businesses. Several IoT applications now available harness sensors, gateways, networking and cloud infrastructure to enable new avenues of value and efficiency for customers. Whether depl...
  • Wireless IoT Sensor Node Starter Kit

    Video 12/27/2016
    Advantech's M2.COM IoT Sensor Node Starter Kit features an integrated ARM Cortex-M4 processor, wireless technologies, and sensor interfaces. The kit is also equipped with Advantech's WISE-PaaS/RMM cloud platform for streamlining development and accelerating the creation of cloud-based wireless IoT s...
  • RTX: The Right Form Factor for Your Rugged Applications

    WhitePaper 12/5/2016
    The presence of high-end electronic equipment is increasing in many applications including transportation, industrial, agricultural and power equipment.   These applications are expected to operate reliably for several years and are often subject to harsh environments like vibration, dust,...
  • SQFlash Vlog episode 6 :: Security

    Video 10/5/2016
    SQ Flash Vlog episode 6: Security
  • Highly Integrated Wireless Sensor Solution for Indoor Environment Monitoring System

    Case Studies 7/29/2016
    Over 70% of employees work indoors with at least three other persons. If the indoor ventilation is insufficient, the air quality deteriorates through accumulating contaminants. In 1992, the World Health Organization (WHO) defined “Sick Building Syndrome”; it describes as abnormal symptom...
  • Anti-interference Robust Mesh Solution Upgrades Cold Chain Logistics

    Case Studies 7/29/2016
    The global cold chain market is projected to grow and it’s mainly driven by the increasing need for an efficient storage system for perishable goods in order to avoid wastage of food products, and due to constant technological advancements, the market is expected to increase further cold chain...
  • Self-Ordering Machine

    Case Studies 7/18/2016
    Self-ordering machines assist customers in placing orders via an intuitive, multilingual and user-friendly touch screen interface. This reduces queues and waiting times during busy periods.
  • Sub-G Carrier Base Station in Europe

    Case Studies 7/18/2016
    IoT and wireless sensor networks are becoming vital infrastructures today. Outdoor base stations need to be 24/7 reliable but also super power efficient. In the past, base stations used commercial motherboards with desktop processors for higher CPU performance and integrators took a high risk on the...
  • Virtual Teller Machine in China

    Case Studies 7/18/2016
    Smart VTM (Virtual/Video Teller Machines) bring innovative benefits. By providing a real time, face-to-face conversation with bank service specialists, it can cover 95% of traditional counter services and prolong service hours to reduce labor and banking costs. To provide these additional services,...
  • Smart Parking System (SPS)

    Case Studies 7/18/2016
    Features of this SPS include vacant parking space detection, displays of available parking space w/ direction indication, and payment systems. SPS detects car park space occupancy via ultrasonic sensors sat above each parking space.
  • Intelligent Electronic Locker (IEL)

    Case Studies 7/18/2016
    An Intelligent Electronic Locker (IEL) provides 24 hour auto logistics service, it connects to the IoT cloud via wire or wireless and users can interact with it via a touch panel. It is equipped with a payment system so users can pick up goods or ship goods via a given pass word, barcode, or other p...
  • Auto Teller Machine in EMEA

    Case Studies 7/18/2016
    The most beneficial thing for ATMs is extend bank services to 24 hours including cash withdrawal, account balance, deposits, wire service, loan payments and more. Due to increasing banking service requests, more devices and services are being connected to ATMs.
  • Advantech SQFlash Design-To-Order Service for Defense and Aerospace

    Case Studies 7/5/2016
    Computing system design for defense and aerospace applications are always a big challenge, they need to cope with dramatic changes in operating environments such as wide temperature fluctuations and humidity. They also need to cope with high vibration and shock impacts during operation. So the syste...
  • Autonomous Digital Signage in Vending with Media4Display

    Case Studies 5/16/2016
    Vend Data Media Solutions is an Irish company specialized in the installation of electronic, remotely configurable vending machines that offer data and media components in points of sale.
  • Industrial ARM-based Starter Kit- 10-minute Startup for Your ARM Project

    Video 4/25/2016
    Designed to assist developers get up and running quickly on ARM-based platforms and applications. Advantech Industrial ARM starter kit is a complete package that includes the basic components necessary to quickly start development on ARM architectures.
  • Intelligent and Rugged Solution for Gantry Cranes

    Case Studies 4/22/2016
    Due to the rapid development of China’s economy, many applications have been developed for road and sea transportation. The majority of business commerce comes from ocean shipping, so major ports in China have been initiating projects to upgrade their equipment and one of Advantech’s cus...
  • Rich I/O for Reading Sensor Data and Control Device to Build Intelligent Factory Automation Syst...

    Case Studies 4/22/2016
    In factories, industrial safety is the most important issue in the workplace. The health and safety of each shop floor worker is an important issue for all companies so there are various common practices that need to be applied in order to avoid danger and accidents. This includes SOPs, posting warn...
  • Flexible Modular Design for Longevity Medical Device Development

    Case Studies 4/22/2016
    These days, most people enjoy good health and longevity with the benefit of advanced medical facilities. More and more countries are expanding healthcare in their social welfare system boosted by the advancement of medical technologies like point of care diagnostics, robotics and pharmaceuticals. An...
  • Reliable and Power Saving Design for Smart Automatic Gate Machines

    Case Studies 4/22/2016

    Smart automatic gate machines are commonly used in subway stations, residential areas, factories and in many other fields. There are two main types of electric gate ope...

  • IoT-Based Industrial Electroplating Factory- Enhanced Manufacturing Efficiency and Reduced Maint...

    Case Studies 4/15/2016
    Because the working environment of electroplating factories is full of hazardous chemicals and volatile acids that are toxic and may corrode equipment, the provision of adequate protection for workers and factory equipment is essential.
  • Intelligent Agriculture System with Advantech Intelligent Gateway and Sensor Node Integration

    Case Studies 3/15/2016
    As the impacts of climate change and population explosion affect us, humans are facing unprecedented challenges and potential food crisis. In order to avoid waste, better utilize limited resources, and increase crop yields, the effective harnessing of the power of modern technology has becomes...
  • PCIe SSD in Enterprise for Scientific Analysis Applications

    Case Studies 1/8/2016
    Scientific analysis often includes huge amounts of data. For example, the human genome contains more than 3,000 million base-pairs. To map all the DNA sequences and create the genome simulation requires not only massive computing power, but also high data throughput and storage. In particle physics,...
  • COM Express Basic

    COM Express Basic is the latest COM 125mm x 95mm form-factor, including Intel core i, Intel 6th Generation and Intel Atom processor. Because of wide range of processors, Intel core i, Intel 6th Generation and Intel Atom processors, COM Express can provides not only high-speed interfaces like HDMI/DisplayPort, PCI Express, ...
  • 3.5" Single Board Computers

    Advantech’s 3.5" single board computers (SBCs) measure 146 x 102 mm and offer scalable x86 performance for Intel® or AMD x86 platforms, feature rich I/O, fanless slim design, high shock and vibration tolerance, extended temperature options, and product longevity. Advantech’s SBCs are designed to satisfy demands for 24/7 ...
  • Computer-on-Module

    Advantech ARM-based Computer On Module series include: RTX, Qseven and SMARC. Advantech introduced the RTX 2.0 (Ruggedized Technology eXtended) specification which is a RISC standard platform designed for rugged applications. Through its innovative mechanical and electrical design, products designed with RTX 2.0 can ...
  • MicroATX Motherboards

    MicroATX (uATX) or mATX Industrial Motherboard is only 244 x 244 mm and suited for space/cost sensitive applications where less than 4 slots are required. mATX enables the same high integration of ATX but with a smaller footprint that fills the gap between MiniITX and full size ATX, balancing performance and expansibility. ...
  • ARK-1000 Series: Ultra Slim Fanless Embedded Box PCs

    The Fanless PC ARK-1000 series features ultra small size and low power consumption minimum 5 Watts designs that offer sufficient storage and expansion capability for easy implementation as Embedded Computers. These Embedded System save power and space and offer efficient performance ideal for thin clients, factory ...
  • ARK-2000 series : Easy I/O Flexibility Fanless Embedded Box PCs

    The Fanless PC ARK-2000 series is a brand new design with rich I/O, high flexibility and easy expansion capabilities. The rugged features of this Embedded Fanless PC include wide-input power ranges from 12V to 24V or 9~36V, wide temperature ranges from -20 ~ 70° C and structural strengthening. Multi-functional design ...
  • Industrial Display Kit

    Advantech Industrial Display Kit series provide 5.7"~31.5" industrial LCD panels, outdoor displays and touchscreen displays which support sunlight readable and resistive touch functions, and are proven to work with all Advantech embedded platforms. Advantech IDK-1000 supports 250~400 nits brightness which is ideal for ...
  • Wireless Modules

    Advantech Wireless Module Solutions include Wifi module, WLAN module, 3G module and GPS module, which combine versatile embedded modules with ready-to-use software as a total package for embedded vertical applications. With Advantech Wireless Module, system integrators and industrial PC vendors can easily implement extra ...
  • Storage Modules

    Advantech Storage Modules includes 2.5" SSD, mSATA, CompactFlash (CF card), CFast, SATA DOM (Disk-on-Module), and SD card. Advantech storage modules combine versatile flash storage media with advanced management software as a total solution for all kinds of embedded applications. With Advantech Storage Modules, system ...
  • Embedded Software

    Advantech provides Embedded Software Services not only embedded BIOS, OS and API Library but also an integrated service platform WISE-PaaS/RMM. WISE-PaaS/RMM, a smart and unique device management tool which helps customers centralize remote monitoring and management of embedded devices in real-time and accelerate solution ...
  • Mini-ITX Motherboards

    Mini-ITX Industrial Motherboard is designed with rich functionality and solid performance in a small footprint, the highly integrated Mini-ITX motherboard computer platform features low power consumption of less than 100 Watts and a single basic expansion slot. The Thin Mini-ITX series is only 25 mm in height with low ...