The Remuneration Committee is responsible for improving corporate governance and strengthening the remuneration management power of the board, as well as assessing and determining the compensation level of directors, supervisors and managers. The Remuneration Committee will also provide consultation and tutoring on senior level manager cultivation and training program planning.

Powers and Responsibilities of the Remuneration Committee
  1. Make and regularly check the performance appraisal and compensation policy, system, standard and structure of directors, supervisors and managers.
  2. Regularly appraise and determine compensation for directors, supervisors and managers.
  3. According to corporate goals, operating performance, economic conditions and other elements, irregularly checking the compensation policy, system, standard and structure of directors, supervisors and managers.
When executing the above powers, the Remuneration Committee should follow these principles
  1. Performance appraisal and compensation of directors, supervisors and managers should be planned by reference to the general levels in the same industry, and by reasonably considering personal performance, corporate operation performance, and future risks.
  2. Don't lead directors and managers to make the company vulnerable to risk for compensation concerns.
  3. As to the short-term performance dividend proportion of directors and senior level managers, payment times and dividends should take into account the characteristics of the industry and professional quality of the company.
Constitution and Selection method of the Remuneration Committee

emuneration Committee members are appointed by the board, including two independent directors and another outside committee member, with one independent director as the convener. All members of the Remuneration Committee abide by independent and professional specifications and laws; the service term of Remuneration Committee members is the same as that of the board in that session

Members of Committee
Title Name Education and selected past positions
Independent Director Jeff Chen
  • Stanley Black & Decker Inc. VP & President of Asia
  • EMBA,Northwestern University
Independent Director Benson Liu
  • Chairman and President of Bristol-Myers Squibb (Taiwan) Ltd.
  • Master, International Business Administration, University of Northrop, USA
Professional Committee Joseph Yu
  • Professor, Department of Business Administration, National Chengchi University
  • Dean, National Chengchi University, Department of Business Administration
  • PhD of Business Administration, University of Michigan